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About Sandra McCowen's Work

I am an accomplished sculptor whose artistic journey has taken me through numerous solo and group exhibitions, showcasing my creative prowess and dedication to my craft. With a diverse range of exhibitions spanning several years, my work has been celebrated in various prestigious venues across Dublin and beyond. Below this section is a glimpse into my remarkable exhibition history.

I was born in 1970 and have lived in Dublin for all of my life. In 1994, I graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a Degree in Craft Design. From the following year, I have worked in my Dublin studio creating ceramic figures, busts and masks. However, I have also created acrylic paintings on canvas and board along with drawings in various media. 

I have participated in many exhibitions including ‘Sculpture In Context’ held annually in the Botanic Gardens, Dublin and have sold my work in a variety of craft shops aimed at the tourist market. Over the years, I have explored issues such as global warming, terrorism and extremism in producing my work. My intention was to raise debate about these issues rather than preach or propose a particular viewpoint. 

I gain my inspiration from images created by other artists, the media, the movie industry and any other visual material. Since 2010, I have been exploring peoples’ fascination with the aftermath of an accident or other incident. I want to open debate about whether or not all the mages of carnage we see on the internet and other media has desensitised us other people’s suffering. To focus on the phenomenon of rubbernecking, I have begun to produce giant eyeballs rather than busts.


  • Brenson Lawlor Chartered Accountants.
  • Private colletion of Mick O’Dee. Millconve Gallery, Castletownbere, Co. Cork
  • Vincent Kelly of Gallery Zozimus, 56 Francis Street, Dublin 8
  • Deirdre Irvine of the Open Window Gallery, 205 Rathmines Road Lwr, Dublin 6.

Solo Exhibition History

Exhibition Name:

2019 - 'The Beauty of Maths'

at In_spire Galerie, located on Lower Gardener Street in Dublin 1. This captivating solo exhibition delved into the captivating intersection of art and mathematics, presenting Sandra’s unique perspective through her sculptures.

Group Exhibition History

Exhibition Name

Sandra’s work was showcased alongside other talented artists, creating a dynamic collective display of artistic expression.

at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin 9. This exhibition embraced the digital realm, adapting to the challenges of the times and bringing together artists virtually.

Sandra’s work stood out among a curated selection of ceramics, demonstrating her skill and creativity within the medium.

This group exhibition highlighted Sandra’s sculptural contributions alongside other talented artists, fostering a sense of artistic collaboration.

Sandra’s sculptures were showcased in this exhibition, exploring the diverse possibilities of clay as a medium.

Sandra’s artistic expertise extended beyond sculpture, contributing to this dynamic group exhibition focused on life drawing.

Sandra’s work was featured alongside fellow Ceramics Ireland members, celebrating the vibrant ceramic arts community.

Sandra’s sculptures were exhibited in this evocative display, exploring the transient nature of art and its interaction with its surroundings.

Sandra’s artistic contributions were showcased among her fellow members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual inspiration.

Sandra’s sculptures were part of this thought-provoking exhibition, exploring the ephemeral and transient nature of art in a captivating setting.

Sandra’s artworks were featured among a diverse collection of ceramics, showcasing her talent and artistic vision.

Sandra’s sculptures were displayed in this prestigious exhibition, honoring the finest works from selected members of Ceramics Ireland.

Sandra’s sculptures once again graced this exhibition, delving into the theme of impermanence and creating a captivating visual experience.

Sandra’s participation in this esteemed exhibition showcased her ability to create impactful sculptures that harmonize with the surrounding environment.

Sandra’s ceramic artworks were featured in this exhibition, adding her unique voice to the diverse range of ceramic expressions.

Sandra’s sculptures were part of this vibrant group exhibition, bringing together artists from various disciplines in a celebration of creativity.

Sandra’s sculptures crossed borders, gaining recognition in an international exhibition dedicated to Irish ceramics.

Sandra’s participation in this renowned exhibition highlighted her ability to create thought-provoking and visually captivating sculptures.

2011: ‘Sculpture In Context’ at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

Sandra’s artworks were featured in this festive exhibition, adding a touch of artistic beauty to the holiday season.

Sandra’s sculptures were showcased in this highly regarded exhibition, highlighting her ability to create captivating three-dimensional forms.

Sandra’s miniature sculptures were part of this charming exhibition, offering a unique perspective in a small format.

Sandra’s ceramic artworks were showcased in this exhibition, demonstrating her mastery of the medium and her artistic vision.

Sandra’s sculptures were featured in this eclectic exhibition, providing a platform for artists outside the conventional gallery selection process.

Sandra’s talent and skill were recognized through her participation in this prestigious award exhibition, showcasing her dedication to ceramic sculpture.

Sandra’s artworks were part of this festive fair, offering visitors an opportunity to acquire unique and beautiful pieces of art.

Sandra’s sculptures were once again featured in this inclusive exhibition, celebrating the diversity of artistic expression.

Sandra’s participation in this acclaimed award exhibition highlighted her exceptional talent and innovation in ceramic sculpture.

Sandra’s artistic exploration extended beyond sculpture in this unique exhibition, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Sandra’s sculptures were part of this comprehensive exhibition, bringing together artists from various disciplines in a grand display of creativity.

Sandra’s sculptures added an artistic touch to this holiday-themed exhibition, offering visitors a visual treat during the festive season.

Sandra’s artworks were showcased in this prestigious exhibition, allowing viewers to engage with her sculptural creations in a botanical setting.

Sandra’s ceramics were featured in this exhibition, celebrating the rich tradition of Irish craft pottery.

Sandra’s ceramics were featured in this exhibition, celebrating the rich tradition of Irish craft pottery

Sandra’s participation in this exhibition highlighted her early contributions to the craft pottery scene in Ireland.

Sandra’s sculptures were showcased in this significant group exhibition, commemorating a milestone in the history of the National College of Art and Design.

Sandra’s talent shone through in this milestone exhibition, marking the culmination of her studies at the esteemed National College of Art and Design.

Sandra’s artistic skills were recognised in this competition, showcasing her early achievements as a budding artist.