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"The Eyeball Woman"

The official page of a ceramic artist who loves to bring colour into peoples lives.

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The Artistic World of Sandra McCowen

My work includes masks, busts and abstract sculpture.

Since the first lockdown, I had began creating a series of abstract digital images.

I call myself ‘The Eyeball Woman’ because of an installation of 39 pairs of ceramic eyeballs (each eyeball 10 ins / 25 cm wide) that I created in 2012. Calling this installation ‘A Good Gawk’, I created it for ‘Sculpture In Context’, held at the Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland. 

At the time, I was fascinated with the phenomenon of people watching the aftermath of an accident rather than helping. I got more reaction for this installation than any other artwork that I have ever made. Besides, I chose the eyeball for representing my preoccupation with onlooking because I believe ‘less in more’ when creating my art.

At present, I want to explore my interest in maths and how best to represent it in 3D form.

Sa McCowen xxx

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